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The Functional Medicine Approach...

"Health Is A Positive Vitality, Not Just The Absence Of Disease"

Are you struggling with any of these common symptoms?

  • Low Energy
  • Skin Concerns
  • Menstrual Irregularities
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Poor Sleep
  • Stubborn Body Fat
  • Food Allergy And Intolerance
  • Mood And Anxiety Disorder

Our Approach

The Path To Wellness Begins By Addressing The Core Clinical Imbalances Through Functional Diagnostics Testing

Step 1. Medical History and Timeline

Presenting Complaint Past Medical And Surgical History Current and Past Medications Allergies Personal Timeline Food and Supplement History Psychosocial History

Step 2. Targeted Systems Review

Bowel Habit Energy Patterns Sleep Patterns Menstruation Sexual Function Psychological Function and Mood Immune Function Skin Condition CardioRespiratory Function MusculoSkeletal Function

Step 3. Testing and Interpretation

Gastrointestinal Nutritional Metabolic Immunology Endocrine

About Dr. McHale

Fionnula began to pursue her love of science by studying Medicine at Trinity College Dublin, during which time she secured prestigious research posts at the University of Ulster, Regenerative Medicine Institute in Galway, the University of Miami and the illustrious Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. She went on to work in a variety of fields including Orthopaedic Surgery, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology and Psychiatry. However, Fionnula’s passion lies in healthcare, how to achieve health, how to maintain health and ultimately how to optimize existing health; health as a positive entity, rather than simply the absence of disease. Enthralled by her studies with the Institute for Functional Medicine, she now runs her own private Functional Medicine Clinic in Dublin City Centre and lectures extensively in Universities and private colleges in Ireland. DISCLAIMER Functional Medicine/Nutrition is a complementary therapy for the purposes of optimising health as opposed to curing disease and as such is not recognised as a "medical speciality) by the Medical Council in Ireland. You must first see your GP/Consultant to out rule acute medical illness or more sinister causes of ill health.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers